Museums/Exhibitions Lighting

When visiting a museum it is the art and artifacts that takes the attention – it is what people pay to see. Therefore it is very few people who see and realise how big an impact the lighting has on the objects inside a museum. Here is why the LEDs are the right choice for museums.

Get the Perfect Museum Lighting Design With LED Technology

The first thing to mention about LED lighting is always its energy efficiency. It will not only save any museum or gallery money, it will also give them a more environmentally friendly profile and image outwardly. But there are many more possibilities with LED museum & exhibit lighting. The most popular LED lighting solutions for museums are spots, wall lighting, and ceiling lighting. Spotlighting in museums is used to provide a bright and intense beam of light directly onto an object. With a high CRI, a bright spot will ensure that the object illuminated is rendered as realistically as possible. Wall lighting is mostly used for the general lighting of a museum. It is illuminating the wall and the rooms in which the art and artifacts are placed. Most importantly though, wall lighting does not interfere with e.g. the light from the aforementioned spots, but will only illuminate the room so that people can navigate inside the museum. Ceiling lighting is also mostly used at general lighting at a museum but can add an elegant and decorative touch, if the fixtures are mounted on tracks.