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Museum Lighting

Museum Lighting

Good and well-considered lighting for museums has a direct impact on how the art appears to guests and buyers. Museum lighting may be neglected in some of the older museums but is an essential part of the experience of art today. The quality of the lighting, including the color fidelity and the way in which the colors are distributed on the color spectrum, is essential for the artist so the piece can be enjoyed properly by the viewer.

The 5 most important points for good museum lighting:

  1. The color rendering should be 90 Ra or better, or CRI 90 (museums should always work with CRI because there are more colors).
  2. Color temperature must be selected based on the shades of the exhibition. Today, lamps can be customized to compliment any exhibition.
  3. Light intensity here it is important to have enough light on the art.
  4. Scattering the light so that there is no light throughout the room, but only on the art, which provides a more vivid experience of the exhibition.
  5. Flexibility in installation, because exhibitions quickly change shape and location.

When you visit a museum, it is the art that grabs your attention. But it does so only if the lighting is correct. Lumega can design a new lighting system that meets the latest requirements and wishes from the most impressive London museums and chic galleries. We have our own lamps and a wide network of professional manufacturers who possess the latest knowledge of the 5 points outlined above.

Contact us to be guided through to the perfect lighting installation.

4 steps to Energy Savings


First meeting where Lumega is presented. Focus is on your business, projects and needs. We make notes along the way - in the case of new buildings, we need solid drawings.


You receive a complete lighting design, energy calculations, offers and selected lighting products that perfectly match the project and the desired mood.


When you feel comfortable in lamps, lighting designs and electricians, the production will begin. You will eceive the lamps within 2-4 weeks, after which the installation will take place.


After installation, the new solution is functional and you can benefit from the great energy savings. We ensure full service during the agreed period.

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