Parking Garage Lighting

Why choose LED lighting for parking facilities?
Thousands of parking garages are illuminated with T8 lamps world-wide. This type of what we call – traditional lighting – used to be really good solution in the past due to competitive prices. Now these lamps are obsolete. The life span is short and results in more frequent replacement and fluorescent lamps are not a either energy-efficient nor safe solution.

LED lighting give any parking area or parking garage great savings on electricity and maintenance costs, as well as improve safety and are much gentler for the environment.

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3 advantages LED provides for parking areas


The security aspect plays a huge role in lighting up parking facilities. Every corner must be clearly lit to ensure that visitors and staff can orient themselves 110% at all times of the day.


LED light sources are extremely energy efficient - and if you choose an LED solution with motion sensors, you can easily save up to 70% on the electricity bill.


It is important that the parking garage is properly lit. LED lighting includes light on exterior walls and pillars, reducing shadows and eliminating dark corners.

Some of our Cases

Richard Mortensen Parking House

We provided a LED solution with the implementation of linear luminaires, which has given an energy-efficient system where the light efficiency was reduced by 50%.

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Ejler Bille parking House

The parking garage got NS57 with dimming, which saves up to 70% on the electricity bill. Repayment period of just 1 year.

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