Parking Garage Lighting

LED lighting can help any parking garage or car park to achieve significant savings on both electricity and maintenance bills, while also improving safety and environmental impact.

The Benefits of LED Parking Lighting

Safety plays a huge role when lighting up a car park or a parking garage. Every space and corner needs to be safely and brightly illuminated, to ensure that the users can orientate themselves properly at all times. The requirement of luminosity makes LED lighting the preferred choice for parking facilities. An LED solution for your parking garage comes with numerous benefits. Benefits we will try to list in this text.

Reduced maintenance
Owning and running a parking facility should be a mostly automated process, with as few man-hours in the actual facility as possible. But traditional sources of light have a short lifespan and will be vulnerable to shocks, bumps, and dust – requiring them to be replaced often. LED light sources have a long lifespan and are extremely robust, which means fewer hours used for maintenance.

Energy savings
LED light sources are incredibly energy saving, and if you go for a LED solution with motion sensors, you can easily gain savings of 75% on your electricity bill.

Superior quality of light
Being the most innovative source of light on the market, the LED technology will provide you a quality of light that no other source of light can match.