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Parking Garage Lighting

The right parking garage lighting provides safety of both drivers and employees

LED lighting creates safety, reduces consumption and has a positive impact on the environment

Lighting of parking garages worldwide is often illuminated with T8 lamps, which used to be a good – but now – obsolete solution due to short lifespan, more frequent replacement and inefficient lighting systems. The main advantage of LED parking lighting is the ability to control the light. If you choose a system with a dimming concept, automatic switching off with no activity, it will give you many pluses regarding the maintenance level, electricity and energy consumption.

It should more or less be a automated process, operating or owning af parking garage. LEDs have a longer life, are robust and require less maintenance, which is an essential factor in lighting for parking areas. In addition, LED is the most innovative light source available on the market, providing a quality of light that no other light source can match.

Why the right light in parking garage is a good idea


The security aspect plays a huge role in lighting up parking facilities. Every corner must be clearly lit to ensure that visitors and staff can orient themselves 110% at all times of the day.

70% Savings

LED light sources are extremely energy efficient - and if you choose an LED solution with motion sensors, you can easily save up to 70% on the electricity bill.

Good Light

It is important that the parking garage is properly lit. LED lighting includes light on exterior walls and pillars, reducing shadows and eliminating dark corners.


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