Shopping Malls Lighting

Lighting up a mall is no walk in the park. The ceiling heights are often very high, there are many aisles and the shops within will often have different requirements to their lighting. The high cost of replacing traditional sources of light with LEDs can also prevent the malls from converting.

Optimal LED Lighting Solutions for Shopping Malls

LED mall lighting has had a protracted development because of doubt, disbelief and an unwillingness to invest. But the fact of the matter is that LED lighting can and will outdo any traditional lighting source used for lighting up a shopping mall – and save the mall money in the process. Today it is also a mistaken thought that LED lighting has to be a gigantic investment. Many malls use fluorescent tubes to light up their shopping areas, and LEDs can actually be mounted directly into a traditional fluorescent fixture. When eliminating the need for buying all new LED fixtures, you save a lot of money on the entire solution. What many shopping centres and malls fail to realise is also that LED lighting will save them money in the long run. Due to the LED technology’s energy efficiency, any mall with traditional lighting will be able to save a minimum of 50-60 % on their utility bill, along with an equally large saving on maintenance costs. LED lighting is the optimal lighting solution for malls and shopping centres.