Sports/Stadium Lighting with LED

LED technology is the future of lighting. A large percentage of private consumers and the industry have just begun to realize its potential – LED stadium lighting has outplaced them by miles. There’s money to be saved and LED provides a much better and extraordinary light quality. Owners and managers of sport arenas and stadiums have already discovered before many others.

Save 60-70% on Energy

Arenas and sport stadiums can easily save 60-70% on energy bills as well as keep maintenance costs to its minimum when they choose the smart – replacing the old, traditional lighting with the latest LED technology.


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4 parameters that make the difference for stadium lighting


LED lights are far more rugged and tough. This is highly relevant for stadiums, as lighting must be able to withstand dust, blows and fluctuating temperatures.


The modern technology gives a much larger monotonous light with no flicker. A LED system will provide much greater control where you can manage e.g. brightness and colors.


Most LEDs have a life span of 50,000 hours. It’s significantly longer than you would experience if you choose traditional light sources.


LED lighting has a much lower power consumption and higher lumen performance. The light sources emit more light for fewer watts, which contribute to lower CO2 emissions.

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Create User Experiences with LED Lighting

These four parameters are very important when lighting a large arena or stadium. It's an entertainment industry where LED lighting can be a huge part of giving audiences and viewers a far greater experience - than the limited opportunities that existed in the past. In addition, it can be a natural development when sports unions and TV providers tighten the requirements for stadiums when we speak at a high level.