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Sports/Stadium Lighting

Lightning for sports stadiums

High-quality LED Sports Lighting is essential tocreate the good experience in all types of Sports

LED technology is the light of the future. No matter what type of sports facility, whether it is the local ball court or a larger stadium, lighting is an important piece that can affect the experience. With Lumega’s stadium lighting, you will get customized solutions for the benefit of athletes, spectators and owners. We deliver alight installation that is sustainable, energy efficient and meets the requirements and the needs you have. Arenas can experience energy savings of 60-70%, lower operating costs and a far better light, providing a unique stadium light for any sporting event.

Why the right sports lighting is a good idea

"Theyre Rugged"

LED light sources are far more rugged and tough, which is highly relevant in a stadium or arena, as the lighting must be able to withstand dust and fluctuating temperatures.


Modern technology provides a greater monotonous light to avoid flicker. At the same time, LED systems offer a far greater control, where you can change brightness and color

Higher Lifespan

Most LED light sources have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Choosing LED means a significantly longer lifespan than you will experience with traditional lamps.

Higher Lumen

LED lighting has a much lower power consumption and higher lumen performance. The light sources emit more light for fewer watts, which contributes to lower CO2 emissions.


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