Transportation Lighting

In the transportation industry having the right lighting is absolutely vital; and that applies to airport, train and bus station lighting. It does not matter whether it is lighting up a single traffic sign or an entire airport – the lighting has to be of high quality.

The Progress of LED Transportation Lighting

That is of course why the LED technology is on the rise in the transportation industry. The increasing demand for e.g. LED traffic signal lights, LED airport lighting and LED railroad signal lighting is a healthy development, not only for the industry but also for our planet. Especially airport lighting require a lot of energy, which also equals a large utility and maintenance bill if the lighting is still of an out-dated and traditional source. LED lighting will save many businesses up to 70% on their utility bills, and even more on the maintenance bill, because LED lighting is the most energy efficient source of light on the market as well as the source with the best longevity. LED lighting will also be the most flexible solution to the transportation industry, as the technology enables you to have different colour temperatures in different areas. Using an airport as an example, the runway and aircraft lighting can be a bright and neutral colour temperature, while the light in the gates can be a pleasant and soothing warm colour temperature.