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Circular Lighting

LED retrofit kit: Replace outdated technology in the lighting fixture with LED technology.

The latest LED technology has paved the way for several interesting possibilities for sustainability in the lighting industry. Lumega is now introducing a complete range of unique opportunities for the implementation of modern LED technology in older lighting fixtures. We are the only lighting manufacturer in the market that can provide a complete professional LED retrofit kit within a matter of weeks.

How does it work?

We use the existing lighting fixtures and develop a professional LED Retrofit kit for your lighting fixtures. The installation is carried out by an authorized electrician. Lumega ensures that the replacement is approved, so everything is in order after the conversion to the smart LED retrofit kit.

Sustainable mindset

Lumega always develops with the purpose of ensuring that Retrofit LED inserts and modules can be replaced in the future. This means our engineers ensure not only you’re lighting for the present but also ensure there is light for many years to come. The lighting fixtures are reused, and we are always ready to provide the best advice regarding the optimal solution for your CO2 objectives. Furthermore, this lighting approach can be integrated into ESG metrics for environmentally conscious financial reporting, potentially piquing the interest of investors seeking green initiatives.

Solutions for protected buildings

In protected buildings, there are often limited alternatives other than retaining the older lighting fixtures. They can be integral to the architectural expression of the structure. Other considerations, such as lighting integrated into ceilings or walls, challenge the feasibility of upgrading to new lighting fixtures. This is where Lumega steps in with a distinctive LED solution that seamlessly fits into the existing lighting fixture. This ensures compliance with regulations governing alterations to protected buildings while allowing all the advantages of the latest modern LED technology to be embraced.

Improved work efficiency?

Our Pro LED Retrofit kits come standard with top-tier light quality that inherently ensures improved work efficiency. Lumega stands out as the sole market provider of a sophisticated kit featuring dynamic light color, transitioning from warm to cool throughout the day. This lighting solution can be automatically controlled through smartphones and wireless switches. Evidence-based research suggests a potential increase in work efficiency by 19%.

The offered products

Lumega Pro Retrofit Kit is designed for projects where optimal lighting is desired without the need to replace the entire lighting fixture. There can be various reasons for not replacing the entire fixture. The fact is that with this LED lighting retrofit kit, you can transition to the most modern lighting system at an affordable price. For instance, we can implement advantageous light control through a mobile or tablet app. Multiple scenarios can be set up, such as automatic light-off when no movement is detected in the rooms or at 6:00 PM when the office is vacated. These scenarios can always be overridden by wireless switches, which can be installed.

In addition to this advanced control system, we offer the latest in circadian rhythm lighting. This means bringing daylight-like illumination into your buildings. Circadian rhythm lighting involves changing the color of light throughout the day. Typically, warm light illuminates the building in the morning, transitioning to cooler light around noon. Evidence from 2011 suggests that such circadian rhythm lighting can increase work efficiency by up to 19%. Your employees will experience enhanced well-being and comfort. The Lumega Pro Retrofit Kit is available at an affordable price, and our team of skilled electricians covers installations throughout Denmark.

Lumega Quick Switch is a concept recognized across various manufacturers. It involves repurposing the existing fixture housing while integrating an LED tube or LED bulb. This approach proves sufficient in certain settings, including cases where the lighting was installed only a few years ago. Furthermore, these solutions are widely adopted in places where daily operational hours are under 8 hours. The notable advantage of this rapid transition lies in its sensible energy savings with a quick return on investment.

Lumega specifically recommends this solution for applications such as pendulum fixtures, ceiling lamps, or lighting fixtures in depots and restrooms. However, for extensive environments like office lighting and other sizable areas where continuous usage is expected, Lumega Quick Switch might not be the ideal choice. In such instances, Lumega Pro Retrofit Kit would deliver enhanced stability and comfort.

How much does it cost?

Lumega Quick Switch consists of LED bulbs or LED tubes, and a customized proposal is prepared for each individual project. Lumega has a small setup fee, which covers materials for your Pro LED Retrofit kit. The prices below are for sample purposes only. The cost includes engineering, CNC milling, and testing of your new kit. The price for the actual kit, following acceptance of the sample, is lower.

  • Downlights DKK 1,500
  • Linear Lighting Fixtures DKK 2,500
  • Large Round Lighting Fixtures DKK 3,500
  • Street Lighting DKK 10,500

All prices are excluding VAT.

Get started

Our team, consisting of three engineers and a product designer, is ready to develop your Pro LED Retrofit kit. Contact us today to get an overview of which features best suit your building.