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Energy optimization

Energy savings with LED lighting and optimal lighting control.

Lighting is one of the most common optimization processes in construction today. Huge amounts of energy savings can be made by switching to LED lighting. The energy savings are so great that the payback time to install this highly efficient lighting can be as low as 2 years.

With the right lighting control and the highest energy efficiency for the LED lighting, energy savings of up to 85% can be obtained compared to the existing lighting, which could for example consist of fluorescent tubes.

Energy efficient lighting

The topic of energy savings cannot be neglected, whether it is in relation to the environment or if it is with an economic perspective. The conversion to energy efficient lighting is at such a high rate today that no other energy optimization processes reach the beneficial payback time, seen from an economic perspective in implementation.

Get help from an energy consultant

When looking at energy savings, it is always important to have an energy consultant involved. At Lumega, we have two energy consultants who are specially trained in reviewing existing lighting. These two employees collaborate with our three lighting designers who in close dialogue come up with a proposal for the new lighting for the property.

The inspection is usually necessary in the case where many different types of lamps in the same building are involved. If this is not the case, it will usually be enough if the energy consultant is informed of how many lamps it is regarding, their type and wattage. In addition, it is necessary with information about price per. kWh.

Based on this information, the energy consultant can calculate the payback time, energy savings, CO2 savings as well as the financial savings by implementing the new lighting system.

Free and non-binding offer

There is no expense for you in having these reports and meetings prepared for your business.

If you are an electrician and want Lumega on the sidelines in relation to the optimal energy savings for your customer, which complies with European standards, we are always available to talk about the best solution.