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Human Centric Lighting

We make Human Centric Lighting

We are experts in advanced circadian lighting – also called Human Centric Lighting.

Our innovative approach to circadian lighting is rooted in the latest advances in the newest and most secure technologies.

By incorporating smart sensors and intuitive controllers in our systems, we can create customized lighting experiences for any work situation.

Whether you need lighting for your home, school, office or in the healthcare sector, our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your circadian lighting is efficient, effective, and user-friendly.

Circadian lighting for the health sector

Circadian lighting is an effective tool that can be used in many different situations to help people adapt to the circadian rhythm.

This type of lighting can be used in hospitals to promote patients’ health. It is also ideal for other workplaces in the health sector that need to get employees to follow their natural circadian rhythms in, for example, night work.

Circadian lighting can also be used in schools, due to the lights influence on the children’s behavior and learning.

Get help from our experts

At Lumega, we are ready to help you with circadian lighting. We have experience with complex installations and can therefore advise you throughout the entire process. Contact us today and let us help you get the best out of your circadian lighting.