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Installation and service

Installation and service of your new lighting system

If you venture out and install a new lighting system, the biggest wish may be that a company takes care of everything. Normally, an electrical installation company will be able to handle a task with a lighting system. They typically do this in collaboration with a lighting supplier or wholesaler. What we hear is that too many standard solutions are presented, and it ends up with the results resembling what was desired.

At Lumega, we can collaborate with selected electrical installation companies around Denmark. Lumega does not install the lighting system but will then be able to design the perfect lighting system for you and after that have the opportunity to obtain 3 offers from electrical installation companies in the area near your company. With such a constellation, it will basically be possible to get the best lighting at the best project price. As well as the best interplay between décor and lighting.

Service agreement – Up to 5 years warranty

If the entire lighting proposal at Lumega is put together, we can offer an attractive service agreement. This service agreement will ensure you peace of mind that Lumega is responsible for handling the warranty and is responsible for all replacements on the lighting system for up to 5 years.

This means that you as a company should not expect to have any expenses on the entire lighting system for the first 5 years. Therefore, you do not have to think about purchasing light bulbs or other light sources and no expenses for the electrician who has to service the lighting.

How the process works

The process is very simple. You tell about your wishes at an online meeting, and we start by designing the lighting system. The whole process always takes place in close collaboration with you so that we are sure that the lighting design matches your wishes in relation to both design of the lamp, interior design, and functionality.

Contact Lumega to hear more about a lighting installation, where you practically have to sit back for the next 5 years and always know your lighting works and the employees do not have to be bothered by insufficient lighting.