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Lighting Design

Free professional lighting design

At Lumega, we offer free professional lighting design to all our project customers. A properly executed lighting design, based on a detailed lighting calculation, is one of the most crucial aspects in when it comes to new construction or renovation.

With a well-executed lighting design, you as a contractor are assured that you can present a professional presentation to the client, architect, consultant, and other parties involved in the construction project.

We also offer companies the opportunities for replacement of light sources for energy optimization, which can save a lot of costs for your business. In energy optimization, one will typically include lighting design in the process.

We match your requirements and needs

Our lighting design matches your requirements and complies with current standards.
Lighting design can vary greatly depending on the scope of the project. No two projects are alike, and we have worked on a wide variety of lighting projects. Therefore, Lumega has a broad experience in several industries, which means we can meet your requirements and needs with lighting.

Lighting design and a light calculation are important. These must help to ensure that the relevant legislation and standards are complied with. When designing, they should be accompanied by additional information on the level of lux, regularity, and location of the light sources. The lighting system will be illegal to use if these requirements have not been met.

3D Visualization and light simulations

Visualization of lighting design

We can offer both 3D visualizations and light simulations for all projects.

Our simulations of lighting designs provide a beautiful visual product that can be used in, for example, presentation of projects. It also gives an idea of what the result of the lighting will look like.

Further down the page you can find more inspiration where you can see more visualizations of lighting designs.

Lumega has more than 12 years of experience in lighting design

Lumega has been in the project market for 12 years. We have gained extensive experience in designing small and large lighting systems in both Denmark and the rest of the world.

We have three professional lighting designers who work with lighting projects daily. It is important to us that our lighting designers do nothing but sit and design lighting systems. The European standard and the way of designing is constantly changing.

We therefore have the necessary knowledge which ensures that all standards and important information according to the design of lighting systems are communicated correctly.

Stor erfaring med lysdesign

See more lighting designs

Lumega has 4 skilled lighting designers, each with their own areas of expertise. Contact us for help with your project.