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At Lumega we have got a broad expertise in manufacturing and delivering innovative LED solutions to both private and commercial projects of all sizes. We are currently distributing our tailored LED products and solutions to most of Europe, and are often used as lighting consultants to various projects.

LEDs are without a doubt the lighting source of the future. It has taken some time for the LED technology to catch up with traditional light sources. Especially the industrial and construction sector has been difficult working areas for the LED technology, because the previously preferred source of light here were the extremely rugged metal halide lamps or the high-pressure sodium lamps. But the LED technology has definitely been catching up with the traditional light sources, offering the same amount of ruggedness but with far more options in terms of colour temperature and light diffusion. The more options of the LED technology are not the reason for its increasing popularity though. The ‘main attraction’ of the LED technology is of course the energy-saving aspect. No matter what traditional light source you replace with LEDs, and no matter how many you replace, LEDs will ensure you a lower electricity bill.

And who are not interested in a lower electricity bill? We can give you that, as well as an improved indoor climate because of the excellent light quality our LEDs offer. Let Lumega be your LED supplier. We are able to deliver to all of Europe, regardless of the size of your project. Contact us today either by telephone +4571995825 or via e-mail

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