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Being a Danish located company, Lumega is able to manufacture and deliver tailored LED lighting solutions to Sweden within very few days – outdoing our competitors in terms of both quality and delivering time.

Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting Supplier in Sweden

Fluorescent tubes, metal halide lamps, and high-pressure sodium lamps have dominated lighting solutions among commercial and industrial organisations for several years. These traditional lighting sources have been popular because of their ruggedness and their ability to light up huge working areas from high ceilings. The LED technology has developed to such an extent that they can now match, and even beat, these traditional lighting sources on several parameters.

  • Ruggedness
    LED lamps for industrial use can now match the ruggedness of the traditional lighting sources mentioned before. LEDs can without any problems be installed in e.g. construction sites that are affected by strong vibrations, dust and etc.
  • Energy efficiency
    LEDs put every traditional lighting source to shame when it comes to energy usage. A LED tube is approx. 60 % more energy efficient than a traditional fluorescent
  • Maintenance
    LEDs are characterized by their extremely long lifespan and last longer than any light source commercially available on the market. Fluorescent tubes will have an approximate lifespan of about 7.000 hours, whereas a LED tube typically will have a lifespan from 25.000 hours and up.

Are you representing a business located in Sweden? Chose Lumega to illuminate your business, and save money on your next electricity bill. Contact us today for an exclusive offer on telephone +4571995825 or via e-mail

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