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At Lumega, we work with several different segments of operation. We work every day to cover the needs of our customers in both the commercial sector and the private sector. Working with different segments ensures you a holistic lighting solution; from measurement to payment.

The quality of light and life

That is what we believe in. Quality light is a core component in the quality of light, and that is in force in every kind of lighting. Whether you need lighting for your kitchen, your living room, your workplace or your terrace – if the lighting is of high quality, it will improve the quality of life. That is exactly the reason why we have our established segments of operation. Quality light is needed in a lot of different settings and to comply with every need of lighting, in every setting, we need to be specialists in different segments of operation.

Our customers are primarily from the commercial and industrial sector. But that does not limit our product portfolio when it comes to meeting the needs of lighting among our private customers. Our segment of operation LED kitchen lighting contains a great variety of products, from highly energy efficient LED light bulbs, to decorative LED strips or high brightness retrofit LED tubes. The retrofit LED tubes are also highly sought after in segment of operation LED office lighting, as it is a cost-saving solution, where the old sockets are kept and only the tube itself is changed. Whether you are from the private sector or the industrial sector, whether you need a complete LED system or a single retrofit LED product, you can be certain that Lumega has the solution for you. In the menu above, you can read a short extract from our many segments of operation. We are always ready to give the right advice to you, no matter what lighting need you might have.