Guide: How to light up a hotel room with LED

Are you as a hotel manager considering replacing your current lighting in the hotel rooms with a new lighting solution? Keep on reading this blog and get some useful advice as to how you can design your new lighting solution!

In this blog, we give you all the necessary guidance and professional advice that you can use in relation to your considerations on which new lighting solution to choose and how this should be installed. It is important to consider various aspects before choosing and installing a new lighting solution. You can with advantage keep the different things covered in this blog in mind to get the most out of your new lighting solution – both to the benefit of the guests and the economy.

Why is it important for the hotel manager to consider the lighting?

As a hotel manager, you are selling an experience to the guests in form of a hotel stay. Therefore, it is important to be aware of how the guests perceive and feel at the hotel and being the hotel manager it is your finest job to give the guests the best possible experience. To give the guests a good experience it is crucial that they feel welcome and at home at the hotel.

To accommodate this ambition on ‘the good hotel stay’ as a hotel manager you must make sure that there exists the right atmosphere at the hotel. The atmosphere must be pleasant and inviting and the lighting at the hotel plays an essential role in achieving this atmosphere. Therefore, it is important to consider lighting as a part of the interior decoration of the hotel because the lighting can support the creation of a nice atmosphere. Thus, it is not enough only to have the right interior, because if the light is not right, even the most professional design of interior decoration cannot make the guest feel comfortable. Lighting has a large influence on humans’ well-being and mood so if the light, for example, is dim or too sharp it is almost impossible to achieve a nice atmosphere. Therefore, the correct lighting is essential if you as a hotel manager want to optimize the guests' experience at the hotel.

Why is LED a good solution?

When considering replacing the old lighting solution with a new one, a good place to start is finding out which lighting type you should choose. Today there exists a variety of different lighting types at the market but among professionals there exist the consensus that LED is the most optimal choice. This is due to the fact, that LED possess many good qualities which can benefit both the guests, the economy and the environment. In this way, LED can be characterized as quality lighting because it is designed with an ambition of being to the benefit of humans optimizing their well-being at the exposure of LED light. Furthermore, installing LED will give you massive savings on the electricity bill because LED lighting has a very long life expectancy and is a robust lighting solution which only needs minimal maintenance. Due to these qualities LED is also a good choice for the environmentally conscious hotel manager who wishes to minimize the hotel’s CO2 emission as well as improving the hotel’s green profile in the marketing efforts.

Guide for lighting up hotel rooms

If you want to replace the current lighting solution in the hotel rooms with a LED solution, you can with advantage divide the hotel rooms into different ‘zones’ with various lighting needs. Thus, this guide is divided into 4 zones, and in each zone different aspects must be taken into considerations to achieve the best possible lighting in each of the zones. In other words, it is important to be aware that you cannot lump all lighting together but instead you must evaluate the light’s unique qualities including its color temperature and its color rendering. For more information on these two topics, check out our blog on color temperature here and our blog on color rendering here.

  • Hallway lighting: It is important to light up the hallway in an open and welcoming way because the hallway is the first thing the guest sees when entering the hotel room. It is always important to have a sufficient amount of light in the hallway, so the guest feels at home. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere you must take a closer look at lighting with a high CRI (color rendering index) and a low Kelvin. This means, that the lighting must have a good color rendering capacity and in relation to this, you can consider installing a warm white LED light on approximately CRI 90. Furthermore, the color temperature must be warm and this means that is must have a Kelvin on 2700-3000. A concrete LED model, which you can install in the hallway with advantage is our spot model NS11 for installation in the ceiling. You can read more about NS11 here.

  • Room lighting: It is essential to have good lighting in the room because it is here that the guests are the most of their stay in the hotel room. As room lighting floor lamps and spots in the ceiling if often used. Also in the room, it is important to install lighting with a high CRI and a low Kelvin as mentioned above. As room lighting our spots NS19, NS14 and NS15 can be used with advantage.

  • Bedside lighting: Close to the bed, bedside lamps can be used. You can also use LED strips behind the headboard to light up the wall behind the bed. You can read more about our exclusive LED strips here. As mentioned above, you should not use lighting in the room with a color temperature above 3000 K. However, it is possible to use bedside lighting on up to 6000K, that is cold lighting, but this should be done with cautiousness in relation to the rest of the lighting in the room.

  • Bathroom lighting: In the bathroom there exists another climate than in the rest of the hotel room, and this is important to remember. Thus, it is possible to use lighting with different color temperature – some prefer a light with 4000 K in the bathroom while others prefer warmer lighting at 3000K. If you want a minimalistic and clean look in the bathroom, you can with advantage install slightly colder lighting with a Kelvin on 4000 K. In the bathroom, spotlighting resistant to damp and water is often used. For this, our spot model NS14 is a good choice.

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