LED Park Lamps

When we’re talking about outdoor lighting, one of the things we see more and more often is that park lamps become the preferred choice for large areas. The primary reason for this is their significantly power and ruggedness as opposite to for example bollard lights. Park lamps are typically mounted 3-4 meters up in the height that way the light spreads more.

Like all LED products, park lamps have the advantage, not only do they create a cozy atmosphere and light up a wider area they’re designed to live longer than traditional light sources, are energy-efficient and emit less CO2.

Increase safety

One of the most important factors that speak for switching to LED lighting is for safety reason. It is especially relevant for park lamps, precisely because they help to ensure good lighting as soon as darkness subsided. We see that several municipalities and companies have much higher focus on the safety aspect when they go using traditional lighting to light-emitting diodes.

Keep maintenance costs down

By default, LED lighting products have a lifetime of about 50,000 hours, which naturally reduces the cost of maintenance. It is in great contrast to ordinary street lamps and light masts, which require much more in operation, maintenance and labor costs because of more frequent replacement of the lighting.

Maybe you’re about to replace your lighting in a larger area but are not sure which LED system you should choose? Get in touch with Lumega and we’ll make sure to give you advice you in process so that you get the exact solution that matches your needs.

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