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United Kingdom

Lumega – your manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting solutions. We have a vast experience with large industrial LED lighting projects, in various European countries.

We strive to meet the growing demands on green lighting solutions in the UK. There is no project too big, for us to illuminate with environmentally friendly and high-quality lighting. Among organizations in the industrial sector, the sought-after solutions are mainly the most rugged and maintenance-free LED lamps. The LED technology has, finally, been developed to such an extent that they can replace the rugged high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps. The LED systems today offer the same ruggedness as these traditional industrial lighting sources but are, in contrary, almost maintenance-free and have a low energy usage.

Our product portfolio contains several rugged LED lamps and systems, which are highly suitable for industrial use. Replacing an entire lighting system comes with a relatively high cost. We are, because of the high costs, offering an exclusive leasing set-up, allowing every business to get an energy-saving LED system, but without the initial expenditure. With our leasing set-up, we match the monthly payment with your monthly savings on your electricity bill – leaving you with practically no costs at all. If you are interested, then drop us a line on telephone +4571995825 or via e-mail

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