The 8 house is a new building for habitation and business located in Ørestaden in Copenhagen. Normasym has in close collaboration with the board of the 8 House developed and designed a unique new lighting solution for the 8 house’s large basement areas which will give a wide range of advantages from now on.

The 8 House is designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group and the building has received an award at the World Architecture Festival in 2011. The board of the 8 House contacted Normasym because it experienced several challenges in relation to the current lighting solution.

The challenge

Before the board of the 8 House contacted Normasym the basement lighting of the building was based on traditional fluorescent tubes. The basement lighting of the time did not work properly because the lighting with fluorescent tubes was of poor quality as well as cost-intensive and in need of much maintenance. Among the challenges which the board experienced in relation to the lighting was that the fluorescent tubes provided too little and too poor lighting, that they often went out as well as the fact they were on twenty-four hours a day due to an ineffective activity sensor solution.

The board of the 8 House wanted to optimize their current basement lighting and therefore was in need for a new lighting solution of high quality and efficiency as well as a lighting solution capable of keeping the energy consumption and maintenance to an absolute minimum. In other words, the new lighting solution should enhance the inhabitant experience and also strengthen the housing association’s economy and energy friendly profile.

The board of the 8 House contacted Normasym to have a new lighting solution developed which could accommodate and meet these unique needs and want for basement lighting.

The solution

Normasym delivered a new lighting solution for the 8 House’s basement areas which accomplished to live up to all the demands and expectations that the board of the 8 House had. The new LED lighting solution from Normasym will provide several benefits including high lighting quality, long lifetime, low energy costs, reduction of maintenance as well as an enhanced CSR profile due to the low environmental impact of using LED.

Normasym used NS20, a quality LED tube with a sensor, as the base of the new lighting solution for the 8 House. You can read more about NS20 here.

In the video below you can see and hear more about the complete LED lighting solution which our own lighting designers have tailored for the basement areas below the 8 House. In the video CEO of Normasym, Rune Larsen, is visiting the 8 House to tell us more about the focus of the project and to show the results of the new lighting solution.